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Choosing The Right Opening Style

When it comes to deciding on how you'd like your curtains to open and which direction they should stack, there are a few options you can choose from depending on the room, functionality and surroundings of your windows.

Where do I start?

Choosing curtains for your windows can be a lot of fun! There are so many things to consider, like your window type, room size, personal style, and of course, your taste.

Did you know that different curtain opening styles, or 'stacking', work better for different window sizes? It's true! And it's important to keep in mind that when your curtains are stacked, the fabric will take up about 30% of the width. So, if you're going for centre-opening curtains, the fabric will take up around 15% on each side.

We offer 4 options for you to decide on:

  • Right Opening
  • Left Opening
  • Centre Opening
  • Free Flowing
Centre Opening

In this style, two curtain panels are drawn to the centre of the window and meet in the middle. Centre-opening curtains are ideal for larger windows and provide a balanced look. We recommend centre-opening for curtains that are wider than 2.3 metres.

Side Opening

In this style, one curtain panel is pulled to the left or right side of the window. Side opening curtains work well for smaller windows and can be used to highlight a specific area of the room.

When customising your curtain, you will have the option to select left or right stack.

  • Right stacked: In this option, the curtains stack to the right side of the window when opened. Right stacked curtains are ideal for windows that have furniture or fixtures on the left side.
  • Left stacked: In this option, the curtains stack to the left side of the window when opened. Left stacked curtains are ideal for windows that have furniture or fixtures on the right side.

Free Flowing

This style allows the curtains to hang freely and can provide a casual, relaxed look. Free-flowing curtains work well for sheer fabrics and can add texture and dimension to a room.

Ultimately, the right opening style and stacking for your curtains will depend on your personal preferences and the overall look you want to achieve in your space. Consider the style of your room, the type of fabric you want to use, and the amount of light and privacy you need when selecting your curtain opening style and stacking option.


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