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Installing Double Curtains

Installing double curtains is very similar to installing single curtains, with just a few differences. Click here for an overview of How to Install Single Curtains.

*We always recommend fixing into studs, where possible. Especially for double curtains due to the extra weight.*

There are two options for fixing double curtains: Face Fix & Top Fix. There are different installation methods depending on which fixing type you have.

Top Fix

Installing top-fix double curtains is also very similar to installing a single top fix curtain. The only difference is that if you have chosen to top-fix your double curtain, you will need to space your brackets apart so that the fabric doesn’t rub together. Please see the below diagram of how to appropriately space your top fix brackets, depending on your heading combination.

Face Fix

The process of installing a face-fix double curtain is also very similar to installing single face fix curtains.

When installing face-fix double curtains, you may find that the spacing of the brackets that the factory provides is not set exactly where you want it to be and that your fabric may rub together or be too far apart. This may depend on the heading combination that you have chosen. In this case, you can easily adjust the position of the brackets to bring the tracks/fabric closer together or further apart. (See below diagram)

Firstly, install you tracks and fabric as per normal. If at this stage you aren't happy with the spacing, take a Phillips head screwdriver or drill, and slightly loosen the back screw of the bracket that you want to move. Depending on if you want the fabric closer together or further apart, slide the bracket along the fixing plate to your desired position. Once you are happy with where it is sitting, tighten the screw again to secure it.

  • This can all be done without taking the fabric or tracks down.
  • Make sure not to loosen the screws too far, as this may cause them to disconnect from the washer on top of the bracket and fall away from the L fixing plate.
  • It will be easier to slide the brackets if you loosen all the screws along the track you’re trying to move before adjusting the spacing.
  • Always ensure you tighten the screws back up all the way once you’re finished to ensure the track is properly secured to the brackets.

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