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How to Install into Timber

Find Installation Points

If you prefer to install your brackets into timber, first you will need to locate your wall studs or ceiling battens with a stud finder.

Before you start, make sure you have checked the height at which you'll install your track. (You can find your curtain drop in your Order Confirmation email). For more tips on where to install your track, check out our full Installation Guide.

Using A Stud Finder

Slowly run your stud finder along the wall or ceiling until it beeps (you've found an installation point!). Mark the point with a pencil and move onto the next one.

Once you've located and marked all installation points, you can start drilling your brackets into the wall or ceiling using the screws provided!

If you can't find your studs or need to install additional brackets (we recommend approx 650mm between each bracket), check out our tips on installing into plaster.

For more guidance, check out full Installation Video


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