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How to Install Curtains into Plaster

Prepare for Drilling

We recommend spacing the brackets out evenly against your track before drilling for a clean finish and to avoid having to measure your brackets one by one. (For more details, visit our Installation Video). If you follow this advice, you may find that you will be drilling into plaster.

Drilling into plaster is easy!

To get started, you will need the following:

  1. Drill
  2. 6mm drill bit
  3. 8mm hollow wall anchors
  4. Toggle gun
  5. Ladder

1. Drill Pilot Holes

If you have been following our Installation Guide you will have already attached the brackets to your track and marked each installation point with a pencil.

Using the pencil marks on your wall or ceiling, use a 6mm drill bit to drill a pilot hole into your wall or ceiling.

2. Insert Wall Anchors

Attach a wall anchor into your toggle gun. Then insert the wall anchor into your pilot hole and squeeze the handles of the toggle gun to release the wall anchor into place. Remove the toggle gun slowly. Finally, remove the screw from the wall anchor and set aside for drilling later. Repeat for each bracket.

3. Install Brackets

Once you have inserted all wall anchors, grab your brackets and use the screws provided with the wall anchors to secure your brackets to the wall or ceiling.

For more guidance, check out full Installation Video


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