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Getting Started For Measuring

Before measuring your windows, you'll need to make a few decisions about your curtain design:

1. Track Position: Face Fix or Top Fix?

First, you'll need to decide if you'd like your curtains to hang just above your window (Face Fix) or hang from the ceiling (Top Fix)?

We recommend Face Fix where

  • Ceiling has a cornice
  • You'd like some flexibility with the height of your track

And we recommend Top Fix where

  • The top of your window is fairly close to the ceiling
  • You're installing into a recess
  • Installing into a pelmet or bulkhead

Note: If installing top fix inside a bulkhead or recess, you will need at least 100mm of clearance

2. Wall to wall or just over the window?

Next you'll decide whether you'd like the width of your curtains to span your wall or just cover the width of your window?

Wall To Wall:

  • Great for living areas
  • Ideal for covering multiple windows
  • Allows more light when open

Cover Window:

  • Great for bedrooms
  • Ideal for smaller windows
  • Limits some light for blockout

3. How you’d like your curtains to sit on the floor?

Finally, you'll need to decide if you'd like your curtains to sit just above the floor or puddle?

Puddling is ideal if you want a luxe look but not great if you have pets. Expect some creasing in the fabric

Having your curtains finish just above the floor will give you a modern style and easier maintenance

Floors can be uneven and all fabrics fall in a different way. Getting your curtain to ‘kiss the floor’ can be difficult, so we recommend either designing it to sit just above the floor or to puddle

You've made your decisions about how you'd like your curtain to hang. Now it's time to measure! Now check out our guide for measuring.


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