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Choosing Between Curtains and Blinds

Wondering whether curtains or blinds are a better fit for you? Before making a decision it's important to understand the key differences between the two products and the unique features they offer.

Light Control

The main difference between curtains and blinds lies in their light-blocking capabilities. Blinds are generally considered to give you more precise control over the amount of light entering a room compared to curtains, which are either open or closed. However, curtains have the added advantage of allowing you to combine blockout fabrics with sheer fabrics to rectify this. Blockout curtains are effective light blockers, creating a dark and cozy environment, perfect for bedrooms, home theatres, or spaces where you desire complete darkness and optimal privacy. Sheer curtains, on the other hand, allow natural light into the room while maintaining some privacy. When combined, blockout and sheer curtains offer you excellent light control and are able to adjust to your lighting needs throughout the day.

Energy Efficiency

Owing to their design, curtains are a more energy-efficient option than blinds. Curtains hang suspended from a rod at the top of the window, covering the entire window area and more. This quality positions them to act as excellent insulators, making them an energy-efficient and therefore cost-effective option.

Design Options

Blinds are not considered an ideal choice when it comes to dressing windows owing to their limited design options. Curtains, however, have a wide range of fabric and design options. This makes curtains not only flexible to your interior décor and individual style but they give you greater opportunity for creative expression in your rooms. For example, you can opt to have a single curtain opening to one side of the window (left or right stack), two curtains opening out to either side of the window (centre opening) or a free floating curtain. See here for more on opening styles. Likewise, the range of options available through texture, print and colour can work to create a specific mood or feel in a room. In contrast, blinds are better suited if you are after a more simple, less decorative look. Curtains also generally create a softer, cosier aesthetic than blinds - this makes them particularly popular in bedrooms and living spaces. Blinds and curtains can also be paired together to add depth to windows.


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