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How Should My Curtains Finish?

When you place an order with CurtainsDept, the size that you give us will be the exact finished size of your curtain. We make all necessary allowances for the brackets, hems, track and hangers - but you need to make deductions / additions to the width and drop of your curtain depending on your desired finish. Learn more about getting started here.

Wall-to-Wall or Just Covering the Window?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you'd like the width of your curtains to span your full wall or just cover the width of your window?

Something to keep in mind when making this decision is the “stack” of your curtains. Generally, when curtain fabric is stacked back one way, it takes up approximately 30% of the total width of the track. And when it is stacked back each way (centre opening), the fabric will take up approximately 15% of the total track width on each side.

TCD Pro Tip: Taking your curtain further past the edges of your window will allow the stack to finish past the window - meaning more of your window shows when the curtains are open. It also gives a more luxe, custom made look and makes the space appear bigger. So if you have the room, this is usually the preferred option.

Some benefits of each options are:

Wall To Wall:

  • Great for living areas
  • Ideal for covering multiple windows
  • Allows more light when open

Cover Window:

  • Great for bedrooms
  • Ideal for smaller windows
  • Limits some light for block-out

How You'd Like Your Curtains Sitting on the Floor?

Secondly, you'll need to decide if you'd like your curtains to sit just above or puddle on the floor?

Puddling is ideal if you want a luxe look but not great if you have pets. Expect some creasing in the fabric.

Having your curtains finish just above the floor will give you a modern style and easier maintenance.

Note: Floors can be uneven and all fabrics fall in a different way. Getting your curtain to ‘kiss the floor’ can be difficult, so we recommend either designing it to sit just above the floor or to puddle.

Now you've made your decisions about how you'd like your curtain to hang - it's time to measure!

Click here for an easy guide to measuring curtains.


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