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Choosing The Right Track Colour

Choosing the right track colour for your curtain is important because, although seemingly simple, it plays a big role in determining the final look of your windows. To keep things simple we offer black and white curtain tracks. Choosing the right track colour ultimately comes down to personal preferences, but there are a few things we recommend keeping in mind when making your decision.

Curtain Fabric and Colour

What colour fabric have you chosen for your curtains? Most of the time the colour of the curtain track will ideally complement the fabric colour, so for darker colours we recommend the black track and for lighter colours the white track. This will help the track disappear and bring attention to the curtain itself. However if the fabric you've chosen matches the colour scheme of your room it can be worth considering using a contrasting track colour to add depth to the space.

Interior Décor

The existing interior décor in your home is also an important consideration when choosing track colours. Do you want the curtain track to be a bold statement or should it complement accent pieces in your room? This is where it is important to consider the overall look you are going for. Do you want your curtains to be a key feature of the room or be a subtle feature in the background? Should the track go unnoticed to let the fabric take center stage? Deciding on the overall aesthetic and visual impact you want to achieve will play a big role in determining the track colour.

If you want the curtain track to be a dramatic and bold contrast to the fabric this can help draw attention to the window treatment and frame the view nicely. On the other hand, a white track is a perfect choice if you're after a modern and minimalist look that blends effortlessly into the background. White is also well suited to lightweight sheers if you're after a soft and delicate look.

The colour of your walls can also play a big role in determining which track colour you should opt for. You have greater freedom if your walls are a neutral colour since either black or white will easily complement the space. However if your walls are a pale blue, for example, a black rod might be too harsh for the space.

What Will The Room Be Used For?

It's also important to consider what the room will be used for. White tracks generally make a room feel brighter and more open making them a great option in living spaces that want to be filled with light and feel spacious. Black tracks, on the other hand, create a cozy, relaxed feel that is perfect for bedrooms. So while the finished look of the room is critical when choosing your curtain track, it's also important to consider the mood you want to create in each room.

Traditional or Modern Home?

Traditional homes are typically best suited to bold coloured tracks, like black, while neutral colours tend to complement contemporary homes better. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a hard and fast rule. In the end choosing the right track colour comes down to personal preferences.


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